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Lance Kuan - Property agent and Associate Marketing ManagerAfter working in banking and investment, as well as an Asian financial markets analyst for almost 30 years, I am now an Associate Marketing Manager and property agent with Huttons Asia Pte Ltd.

Huttons, established in 2002, is the largest privately-held real estate agency in Singapore, and it is licensed under the Council of Estate Agencies.

With my experience in finance and investment, I find immense pleasure in helping others looking for property investment and asset progression. Backed by my property agency's proptech, support and know-how, I am able to offer my clients in-depth research of the real estate market to help them make informed property investment decisions.

As part of my service, I also offer property reviews of new launches, investment guides and other essential information relating to the real estate market through my blog - Sg Home Investment.

As an experienced property agent in Singapore, I have helped many of my clients navigate the intricacies of property investment and provide them with solutions to meet their investment needs. Recognising that property investment is a huge financial commitment, being able to help them make the right decisions and achieve financial freedom is my utmost priority.


Property Services

I always pride myself as a professional property consultant who seeks to build long-term relationships. I do not believe in hard selling. Instead, I gain my clients' trust by helping them make carefully considered decisions and secure the best possible deals through the following services:

  • Assess suitable properties that meet my clients' budget and investment horizon.
  • Help to assess my clients' financial positions for property investment and asset progression.
  • Provide property investment advice, backed by my property agency's exclusive in-house market research.
  • Offer guidance on rules and regulations pertaining to property investment and transactions.
  • Negotiate and secure the best deal for resale properties.
  • Market resale properties through our multi-channel network for optimal results.
  • Recommend reputable conveyancing lawyers, which also provide services such as fractional purchase (decoupling).
  • Provide bank loans recommendation.



As an experienced property agent and consultant, my mission is to help clients make informed decisions and help them achieve financial freedom through property wealth planning. This is achieved by understanding their needs, as well as appraising their financial positions and investment horizon.

Whether they are first-time property buyers or are already invested in real estate, I will help them maximise their Return on Investment (ROI) through the following:

  • In-depth research on the current state of the property market.
  • Evaluate and provide advice on properties with good investment potential.
  • Provide property reviews and help to shortlist choice units in new property launches.
  • Formulate a roadmap to realise property investment goals, including crafting an exit strategy.


My Clients

The profiles of my clients are diverse and they include the following:

  • First-time or young buyers looking to start a family (either for their own stay or investment).
  • Buyers who are keen to explore property investment, but lack the necessary knowledge and information.
  • Existing property owners who wish to upgrade/downgrade, or looking for asset progression.
  • Property owners looking for solutions to invest in more than one property while minimising the payment of stamp duties.
  • Owners or potential tenants looking for rental.

Whatever their motivation, my experience and knowledge, as well as the support of my property agency, will help them to achieve their objectives effectively.


Huttons Asia - Singapore's Leading Property Agency

Established in November 2002, Huttons is a leading property agency in Singapore. It has won numerous awards for innovative technologies and industry-first initiatives over the years.

In association with Savills, it has a team of more than 5,000 professional property agents involved in the marketing of local and international projects spanning more than 8 countries.


Singapore Property Reviews and Investment Guides

Sg Home Investment offers property reviews of new launches and essential real estate investment guides. These include analysis of the investment potential of new launches, property regulations, advice on investment and asset progression, as well as many other real estate-related matters.

They can be found in property resources and grouped under the following categories for your easy reference:


New Properties

Singapore Private Property Guides

Singapore Home Ownership Expenses Guides

Singapore Property Regulations

Singapore Property Investment

HDB Guides

Singapore Property Marketing Guides

Singapore Property Hotspots

If you have any questions on Singapore property investment or if you require clarification on any property-related matters, please feel free to WhatsApp me for an obligation-free information sharing session or chit-chat.

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    Achieve Financial Freedom Through Property Wealth Planning

    Property investments can be a complicated affair these days, with various laws and regulations that buyers are unfamiliar with.

    These blind spots could cost investors hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and financing expenses that could be avoided had they received the necessary advice beforehand.

    Discover how to attain financial freedom through a property investment roadmap that tailors to your needs using a methodical process of #PropertyWealthPlanning.

    Whether you're a first-time property buyer, a HDB upgrader or an investor looking to acquire additional properties, PM me for greater insights and strategies on how to achieve your objective today!


    How to Optimise Your Property Investment?

    Knowing the supply/demand of new private properties is one of the key criteria when it comes to property investment.

    What is the current and future supply? How many HDB flats have completed or will be completing their Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)?

    Besides demand/supply, what are the other key criteria? When is the optimal time to commit to a new property for either investment or own stay? Contact me for advanced insights into the property market.


    HDB Upgraders' Property Wealth Planning Consultation

    Are HDB flats a good source of wealth creation and good store of value? Why do many HDB owners upgrade to a private property after their 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)?

    How does the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) property financing framework affect the capital appreciation potential of HDB flats?

    Get a deeper insight into property investment and learn the strategies to achieve financial freedom!

    Property Wealth Planning (PWP)โ„ข has helped many property owners like you to enhance their wealth accumulation capabilities and plan for their financial future. PM meย for details of a systematic framework and investment plan.


    How to turn your HDB flat into an income generating asset

    Having more than 1 stream of income is an important factor towards building financial resilience and freedom in our life.

    For many Singaporeans and PRs living in a HDB flat, it is possible to learn to how you can turn it into an income generating asset besides just a roof over your head.

    WhatsApp Me to receive my e-book on this topic or arrange a meeting to find out how you can make it happen to secure your financial future!

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    The 7-Step Framework to Identify Potential Low-Risk High-Profit Properties

    Would you like to learn the 7-Step Framework to Identify Low Risk High Investment Potential Properties?

    Has it ever occurred to you that the answer to finding good investment properties is more than just "location, location and location"?

    If you wish to learn the 7-Step framework in property investment and achieve financial freedom, please contact me to get a copy of our latest e-Book that will help you make better investment decisions!