Tampines Nature Parks An Appeal to Property Buyers.

Tampines Nature Parks An Appeal to Property Buyers

Tampines nature parks have helped to elevate the standard of living in one of Singapore's major regional centres and housing estates. As a mature estate, Tampines is blessed with many eseential amenities such as shopping malls, schools and childcare centres.

There is also a large international school located at Tampines Avenue 5 - the United World College Southeast Asia. Unsurprisingly, properties in the area have attracted rental demand from expatriate families working in many major industries located in the East Region.

Some of the popular Tampines nature parks have helped to create a unique and pleasant living experience for residents are:

  • Tampines Central Park
  • Tampines Eco Green
  • Sun Plaza Park
  • Tampines Quarry Park
  • Bedok Reservoir Park


Tampines Central Park

Mangosteen Playground In Tampines Central Park

Mangosteen Playground In Tampines Central Park

The Tampines Central Park is just a 13-minute walk from the executive condo development. It is connected to the Tampines Hub nearby via a footpath, providing a serene walk for all. The park is known for its iconic fruit-themed playgrounds - the Mangosteen and Watermelon Playgrounds. Designed by HDB architect Ms Lee-Loy Kwee Wah, they were inspired by fruit farms that were once found in Tampines before the town was developed.

The park offers many fitness corners and open spaces for people to exercise or take part in many leisure activities. Besides being a popular place for families with young children, many residents also visit the park for a leisurely stroll or jog amidst the lush greenery. In addition, there are open fields where people can exercise, play mini-soccer, basketball and roller-blade.

Till today, the Tampines Central Park has remained a popular green social space for many community and grass-root events.


Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Green

Tampines Eco Green

Perhaps, one of the most popular Tampines nature parks is Tampines Eco Green, a 36.5 hectare eco-friendly nature park that resembles a savannah with open grassland, marshlands, secondary forests and freshwater ponds. It is a green sanctuary rich in flora and fauna that offers nature recreation and respite from the hectic everyday life. In fact, it is home to over 75 species of birds, 20 species of dragonflies, 35 species of butterflies and 32 species of spiders.

The ecologically conscious nature park includes features like an water-less eco-toilet that converts human waste into compost using bacteria and wood shavings, vegetated swales, bird hides and green roofs on all the shelters. Even the park furniture was made using recycled and environmentally friendly materials. The park offers three trails - Diversity Trail, Forest Trail and Marsh Trail. These trails weave through the secondary forests and they allow nature lovers and wildlife photographers the opportunity to enjoy nature at close proximity while visitors walk or exercise on the green, easy terrain.

The Tampines Eco Green is linked by park connectors to the Tampines Biking Trail and Sun Plaza Park, providing a continuous trail of activities. It is also just a 20-minute walk from the Tampines MRT station.


Sun Plaza Park

Sun Plaza Park

Sun Plaza Park

The Sun Plaza Park is located at Tampines Central just beside the bus interchange. It offers a host of exciting activities to provide families with countless hours of fun.

The 9.6 hectare park is equipped with an amphitheatre, a Sense Discovery Garden, a Beach Ball court and a Woodball course, providing a popular meeting place for cultural and social interactions. These include outdoor concerts, exhibitions and band performances. Families and groups can also hold functions at the amphitheatre. With a stage, seating areas and ample space for large crowds, it’s a great place for get-together and cultural activities.

One distinguishing feature of the park is the Sense Discovery Garden with its 10 stations of interactive play features. There are textured walls, talking tubes, chimes, a tumbler and organic texture walk, an entry sign with recessed wordings and symbols, ladder wall, sliding beads, herbal wall and "toes" for park users to experience intriguing sounds and other sensations.

Sports enthusiasts can pit their skills against each other at the park’s Beach Ball court and Woodball Course. For those looking for a more physical challenge, the park connector network allows them to cycle and jog from Bedok Reservoir Park to the north coast at Pasir Ris Park, via Sun Plaza Park.


Tampines Quary Park

Nature Parks - Tampines Quarry Park

Nature Parks - Tampines Quarry Park

Tampines Quarry Park another unique Tampines nature park. It used to be an old, disused sand quarry that has been transformed into a lake of sorts from the collection of rain water over time.

Unlike other typical parks, there are no man-made facilities like walkways, park benches, streetlights or toilets. There are also no directional signage. However, by following the well-trodden trails on the ground, visitors can be led to the 'lake'. Such a nature park is indeed a rare commodity in Singapore.

For a long time, the 'lake' has provided residents outdoor activities such as racing radio control (RC) boats, fishing, jogging. For others, it is a place to enjoy the tranquil natural surroundings.


Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park

Bedok Reservoir Park

The Bedok Reservoir Park was converted from a sand quarry and it is sited a little further down from the Tampines Quarry Park. It is a very popular place among joggers and water sports enthusiasts where visitors can engage in kayaking, dragon-boating and wakeboarding.

The Bedok Reservoir is also a popular place for anglers. Some of the fishes that may be hooked up include the African Walking Catfish, Armoured Sucker Catfish, Peacock Bass, and Tarpon although they are not indigenous to Singapore.

Alternatively, visitors can just sit back, relax and enjoy the great scenery and tranquil waters. For nature lovers, they can explore the diverse mix of flora and fauna or go bird-watching.

For families with young children, there are various children play areas that will provide them countless hours of fun activities. They can also visit the Forest Adventure, an outdoor obstacle course that caters to children of different ages. The highlight is the Big Zip where 'adventurers' zip over the Bedok Reservoir after tackling the obstacle course.


Future Developments - Linkages to Tampines Nature Parks

Tampines Cycling Paths

Tampines Cycling Paths

Although Tampines is one of the largest regional centres in Singapore, it is set to become even bigger with the development of Tampines North and Tampines South.

They are part of the mega developments taking place in and around Tampines. Although these two new estates will add close to 30,000 homes in the future, there are plans to integrate more green spaces for the enjoyment of residents, adding to the already abundance of nature parks. There will be park connectors linking to the green spaces around the estate. For better accessibility, more walking and cycling paths will be built to enable residents to enjoy these parks, which is a nation-wide effort by the Singapore government to create a car-lite society.

With such major developments coming up in the near future, Tampines will remain a choice location for people to work, live, play and study. In turn, this will help to underpin property values and it is hardly a surprise to see new property launches such as Parc Central Residences executive condo and Pasir Ris 8 met with strong demand.

For those who are still looking for a new property in the East, two mixed-use developments are coming up - Sky Eden at Bedok and Sceneca Residence at Tanah Merah. For executive condo, you may wish to find out more about Tenet EC. Please WhatsApp or Email Us for the latest information.

Besides the Tampines nature parks, residents also enjoy convenient access to a wide range of amenities, which add to the appeal of living in the housing estate. Some of the amenities that can be found are:

  • Shopping malls
  • Dining and food options
  • Sports, recreational and leisure facilities
  • Childcare centres, preschools, schools and tertiary institutions
  • An international school - United World College Southeast Asia (East Campus)
  • Excellent public transport services

Meanwhile, here are some other property hotspots that may interest you: Greater Southern Waterfront, Jurong Lake District, Novena, and Tampines Regional Centre.

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